Cocom  Maya  Medicine
The Masewal Maya Jungle Garden and Mr. Cocom welcomed visitors and researchers from all over the world to be treated for illness, identify the jungle plants, and learn traditional medicine.

Many have Come to Bullet Tree Falls on the Mopan River and Visited for a Memorable and Pleasurable Experience of a Lifetime
Walked the Masewal Medicinal Trail by Guided Tour with Respected Bushmaster and Traditional Healer Don Beto Cocom.

Learned the Ancient Mayan Medicinal Plants and witnessed traditional Mayan Ceremonies first hand 
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Help support through purchasing "LEAVES OF FAITH", an informational Documentary available on DVD made in the garden with Mr. Cocom. Read about it in        Herbalgram   


Begun by Don Beto Cocom, The Masewal Forest Garden and Medicinal Trail has a diversity of plant, animal, and bird species. Mr. Cocom held a lifetime of wisdom collected through personal experience, and passed by oral tradition.


An Ancient Maya altar where the high priest made ceremonies, performed sacrifices and burned incense. People suffering from evil spirits came to receive healing ceremonies.


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